Video resumes are a great way to present yourself more dynamically in front of your possible employer. You can make your video resume targeting the position you are applying for. There are many options for creating a video resume. You may create one by yourself or have professionals make it for you. Video resumes add more detail and depth to your resume. They are now called ‘vesume’ too. The following are 5 best platforms for creating a video resume.

  1. Animaker: There are a lot of different resume templates for you on this video resume platform called Animaker. They are there to help you in creating a diverse video resume. The template has a place for you to enter text like your name, introduction line, qualification, past work experience, achievements, and special skills. Along with this, you can attach animations from the free library available, upload your photo or any art into the video, and also embed background music. In Animaker, there are more than 50 background music clips and about 175+ sound effects.

This software has an online video editor that can turn your text to speech for free. It will read your text aloud in a robotic tone. Through Animaker, you can make as many as 100 videos resumes. Each video can have a duration of 30 minutes. The free version of Animaker allows you to make 5 such resumes per month that can only be 2 minutes of duration.

You require registration of a free account to use Animaker. You can further select the topic of the video from categories and also choose a template you like. You can upload the final video to YouTube and Facebook and can also download it if you have a paid membership. 

  • Renderforest Video Maker: Renderforest is a great place to make video resumes, especially if you want one for job positions like graphic designer, event manager, content writer, and freelance designer. Many big companies like BBC, Bose, and Sony have hired staff who submitted their video resumes using Renderforest. You get an option to choose a template once you hit the ‘create now’ button for creating your video resume.

You can search for different templates through the search box. Next, you can also select the scene you want to include in the video. You can then select the font, text, change the style, a color pattern, and also include background music. They also have a built-in library from where you can access to business logos, icons, animations, and background animations for free. The free version has a watermark that you can remove by having a paid subscription.

  • Go CV One: From this video resume platform called Go CV One, you can create your video resume without having to need any camera staff like screenplay writer, camera-man, or a lighting technician. On Go CV One, you have free templates available for creating your script. Additionally, you can rerecord your resume as many times as you want. The final video can be converted into an online video and is available on the web. You can select only 5 scenes in each video. But f=different color schemes and fonts can be chosen as desired. You can upload your video to, having your preferred domain name. 

While applying for a job, you can send them a URL of your video resume.

  • Movavi Video Suite: On Movavi Video Suite consists of three programs, which include a video editor, video converter, and a screen recorder. You can record your resume through the screen recorder while through the webcam, a video of yourself will be shown in a small frame in the corner. 

The video editor allows you to make changes to your recorded video. You can trim the video to cut off any mistakes you made while recording the video. You can adjust the volume through settings as well. 

After finishing the video recording, you are automatically directed to trim the video in the video editor. And underneath, you will see an option to upload. You can upload your video to many places like YouTube, Vkontakte, Vimeo, or FTP. You can do this upload to all these sites at the same time as well. You can decrease the size of the video to upload it faster.

  • Biteable Video Resume Maker:

You can make a video resume through Biteable in a few minutes. To begin, you have to create an account on Biteable. Then select a template. You can then change the text on the template and also add a personal logo. You can add animations to your video for free.

Biteable will take some time load because it is flash-based. You can create your video from scratch or use video samples. There is a timeline where you can upload anything like a photo, video, or audio. You can add improvisations to your video by changing the color and background music of the video.

There are several music clips to use in your video resumes made on this video resume platform. There are different kinds of music, like carefree, folk, electronic, and cheeky. You can also access photos from Shutterstock for a little fee. You can create a video in a free trial, but you can’t download it until you get a premium version of Biteable.

These are the five top platforms to have your video resume made at. Create one for a better chance of being hired at your dream job. Best of luck in advance.