Applying to new positions and are excited to win a ticket to your dream job. Constantly editing your resume to make it most compelling? I even got a hard copy and made a laminated resume of it? Well, this is a phase which is most important also where many of us make such mistakes that put us far behind from other applicants. Most people, out of excitement or stress, end up using their own resumes against themselves.

The answer to the title that you searched for is NO! Laminated resumes are not a winning ticket to get your dream job. We have compiled up a few reasons in this article that are enough to prove you as an unprofessional.

While applying for a job vacancy, we want to put forth our best image. We expect our resume to have zero errors as it is the first thing employer will know about you. Following are five of the main reasons to avoid to no seem unprofessional:

  1. I submitted a laminated resume: as per the responses of many employers, it has been found that a laminated resume plays no part in helping you get hired to that multinational company. In contrast, a laminated resume gives the impression that you are not confident about what you have in your resume, and that’s why you have put a fancy lamination over it. It also shows that you are unprofessional if the company has clearly stated that they are accepting soft copies of the resume and you do against it. Following the company’s rules and guidelines, exactly what they have requested is a super professional thing to do.
  • You have written a 3-page resume: no employer is interested in what you did in school if you have cleared your university. They are sitting there to find out employees that can fall fit for the job vacancy. Hence keep everything short. Talk more about the experiences that match the ones stated in the job description. Use the same words they have used. This way, you can seem more appropriate to the employers for the current vacancy.
  • You have a cute email address: this is the biggest no-no and can instantly make you seem unprofessional. Email addresses like “” can seem way out of the firm’s professional requirements. It can prove you to be the odd one out in the employer’s eyes.
  • You have a fancy page structure: this is the same as laminating your resume. In a professional environment, nothing fancy does you any good. In turn, it can affect your reputation. Using a page structure that is colorful and has an unprofessional tone is plain bad. Putting a font that is fancy is the same. Avoid these straight unprofessional ways to win your dream job.
  • You don’t seem culture fit: a culture fit is someone who understands what the company is looking for. Who is not only applying to the firm just because he needs a job. But the one who is willing to play his role to actually carry the company’s responsibility for this job.Must Pay attention to what the company is looking for and have to tweak your experience, talents, and personality accordingly. If not, then your resume can be trashed out.
  • You haven’t proofread your resume: This is the most cringy point that employers really don’t like. Applying to a big firm using a resume that has multiple errors and typos is very unprofessional. Take note that no matter how experienced you are and what skills you carry, your misspellings can make your resume go down the drain. Hence, you can save yourself from this error by proofreading your resume out aloud and making someone else read it out to you too. This way, you can fix the sentences that don’t seem right too.
  • Unprofessional pictures: It would be better not to send your pictures attached to your resume. Some employers might immediately discard your resume to avoid themselves from future accusations of physical discrimination. And the worse than attaching your picture to your resume is attaching photos from the beach or a late-night party. Not so cool at all.
  • Lazy words like, etc.: An employer might think that you are so lazy that you can’t even elaborate all of your roles and responsibilities at your previous designation completely. Using words like ‘etc.’ or ‘same like above’ can give a lazy impression of yours and also make you seem unprofessional.

These are some of the unprofessional things not to do while applying for a job you desire or need a lot. Apart from applying with a laminated resume, you must also avoid these things too. It’s your first right step that will therein let the employers reach out to you. Do appropriate research about the firm and the role you are applying for. Edit your resume accordingly with the tone complying with the company’s tone in the job post. Your dream job is waiting for you to reach out to it by making a compelling resume that is professional and appealing.