Desk booking tools are must-have. It doesn’t matter that you have hot desks, open workstations, or very agile workspaces. Desk booking software is essential for you. There is no replacement for the control, knowledge, and oversight it provides. Even in a small office, centralized control, by desk booking software, also plays a vital role in workplace management. It minimizes the stress, informs trends, optimizes your office space utilization, and ensures that everyone has a workplace to do their best work.

For example, you have ten unfilled workstations within your office. You don’t want to hire more people to fill these empty seats. You already own a network of some remote workers. Daily, these workstations remain unfilled. That costs you money. The simple answer is to make these empty workspaces into the hot desks. Other remote workers, your collaborative partners, and also the visitors now have some area to claim as their own every day.

But now there arises a new problem. The traffic of people has increased day after day, and you are never sure who was sitting where and how long they stayed there and will stay there. Now you need a system to record all of these things. In which you can keep all the records, which is better than a guest register for the guests to sign.

That is where you need desk booking tools. It is a digital record-keeping system that keeps track of all the different factors of your hot-desking arrangements. It is on your fingertips. You can assign desks for some specific periods, you can know the position of every person, as you can have the resources to contact them, with an option to see how many empty spaces you have, and many more benefits. 

  • Less confusion while booking desk spaces with the help of these desk booking tools. No accidental double-ups with no more desks left unoccupied. This system enables you to better utilization of your office.
  • It is easy to locate people and find where they are in the office. No matter if you have four hot desks and they are for 40 temporary workers.
  • Analytics provides information on how to use space systematically. If you have too many desks, many are not utilized appropriately; the utilization trends will show you where to make changes.
  • To make better overall space management, you can benefit from this core benefit. You can enjoy an eagle-eye view of all of your office, so you can transform and make changes on-the-go.

Coworking spaces have changed how people look at the traditional “office,” and how well they think about their office culture. These workspaces bring effectiveness and efficiency to your day-to-day life by providing state of the art technological desk booking tools for you to operate. Everything here from desk scheduling, event planning, meeting room booking, and sharing documents on the cloud is effortless, which is facilitated by using coworking spaces. Coworking spaces are a symbol of innovation, in this digital world, where you cannot have efficiency without some digital tools and advanced resources.

There are many applications available on the internet, but we have come here with the most advanced and most useful software for you.

1. YArooms

It helps you in scheduling your meeting rooms on your tablet, browser, phone and even Outlook. YArooms a web-based meeting room booking system which makes it easy to manage your resources to book a room anywhere, even in a different time zone or country. YArooms is only products in the market to have its very own booking engine which offers attendee collision management. It prevents people from attending many meetings at the same time (it can be turned off).

2. Andcards

Andcards is a member-based coworking space software. It is designed to enhance the coworking space for members` experience. Andcards technology can be found in the form of intuitive and fully custom-branded mobile apps as for iOS and Android, and also with a white-label web application which is running currently on your domain. This software allows your coworking space customers to reserve their meeting rooms. They can discover and apply for predefined value-added services. And they can communicate via Stream of community newsfeed.

3. Zoho

It automates the tasks that your coworking space requires to reduce the human resources to get everything done. It also allows all of your coworking apps and devices to communicate with each other by connecting them through free IFTTT (If This Then That) tool. You can easily connect your apps to IFTTT and create applets to help each other. An applet is an interface that allows you to decide the apps you want to join, and it also enables you to initiate an action which those apps which could not do this on their own. An excellent example of this is Zapier or Integromat.

4. SuperSaaS.

SuperSaaS is software where resource scheduling and online room booking is managed in coworking spaces.this is one of the best desk booking tools available for online scheduling. It helps you to bypass the problems of in-person requests and those long manual logs. Instant booking has now become a standard for coworking spaces. When you want to increase the number of workers who are using your area, you need to guarantee that they can have the space they want.

SuperSaaS is a complete space management program that allows you to sell and allot monthly memberships, send automatic reminders. You can also accept online payments, and have follow-up messages, and you can automate your marketing campaigns, send invoices, and do much more. SuperSaaS is a powerful, very easy-to-use, and flexible tool which helps you keep track of your appointments. It allows you to manage your meeting rooms, office resources, and other facilities at your coworking space. You can also accept group bookings that can be for any events or workshops which you want to conduct at your coworking space.

5. Slack

In the age of today, communication is the backbone for any kind of successful business. Slack plays a perfect role in keeping all the people connected. You are sharing files and information, the area of the industry that is widely impacted by the advancement of technology. For you to keep every stakeholder in your loop has never been easier as it is now.

Slack, a global collaboration tool, enables you to share your files, chat with colleagues, sharing documents, links, and create shared forums to clarify your questions and discussions with your team. Slack keeps all members connected in a single place. You can integrate your Slack program with other helpful tools such as Zoom for video conferencing, SuperSaaS can be used for sending automated reminders for your appointment, and other applications.

Event Management Software

Event management applications are available in all shapes and sizes. They all promise all sorts of successes. We are showcasing here some apps that would save time and energy when you want to manage logistics, meet deadlines, and attendee engagement.

These apps eliminate the piecemeal approach for the event planning process by centralizing information on a single place.

It also helps you collaborate and communicate with your key audiences, that could be a colleague, vendor, or attendee.

It offers a dashboard for you to track and measure success in the whole scheduling process.

Depending on the size of your event, you should select different event management software; you can even mix and match applications.

6. Eventbrite

This is a ticketing solution for your events in any form as small meetups or large concerts. The system can be customized, which in return allows people access to register from their phones as well. You can use it for sending email confirmations and other forms of reminders.

7. Whova (All-in-One Event Management Software)

Whova is an event management software

There are many event planning solutions available, but most of them are specialized for one function only. They are time-consuming, costly, and they are multiple pieces of software. Whova all-in-one, event management software is magic for you, enabling you to manage your event from beginning to end and work within one system. It provides you with the flexibility to opt-in/out of certain functionalities as per your needs as logistic management tools, attendee or exhibitor engagement solutions.

It helps with event registration, marketing, attendee engagement, event website creation, agenda management, check-ins, name-badge generation, and many more. The Whova event app and Whova registration are top-rated in Europe, the US, Australia, Canada, Asia, and beyond.

8. Trello

Trello an Event Project Management software

If your work approach is into the do, to do, doing, and made a task management approach, you will love Trello. It comes with a robust visual interface, simple usability, and user-friendly collaboration features.

It is an excellent tool to keep track of the progress of every task. You can use it as an event planning software.

9. Boomset

Boomsetis an application that provides check-in, guest list management system, and on-demand badge printing. It even gives a facial recognition check-in. It also provides tracking attendees with RFID-enabled wristbands. Attendees can also purchase merchandise by using badges and wristbands, drinks, and even meals during different events. It is a great option to consider if you want to add a fast check-in tool in your current event planning solution.  It is an event planning platform that is suitable for a big festival or a crowded event that needs a swift check-in process.

10. Slido

It is very famous for a QA and a live polling system. It allows its users to crowdsource priority questions to drive meaningful conversations. A live poll enhances attendee engagement and also their participation. If you hesitate to adopt another app only for QA/live polls, you should first check your event app offers. All the aspects which are required by your event. You can see how it shows the results on a big screen. It provides several live poll question templates for you to quickly setup.

Meeting Scheduler tools

We complain about those countless hours spent in unproductive, or you may say mismanaged meetings.

But the bigger crime of all is the waste of time we spend in scheduling these meetings.

The back-and-forth communication, reviewing calendars, trying desperately to find out a suitable place to meet. And adding the meeting to your calendar, and at the end, inviting all the attendees. This process is bound to make your meeting a headache before it even starts.

When you want to schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails, find the perfect window of time. And you are looking for a better way to communicate and coordinate with your clients. Rest assured, these meeting schedulers have you covered.

11. Doodle

A doodle is a fantastic tool for scheduling meetings when multiple stakeholders are involved. This booking system tablet app comes with meeting-holder; one suggests days and times. He also invites participants to choose which option works for them. Once all the availabilities are collected, the initiator can choose the time that works best for all of them, and it drops the event in calendars of every member automatically.

12. Calendar

This booking system tablet application is available for Web, Android, and iOS users. The Calendar app offers smart scheduling. Its machine learning algorithm backs this service. This application automatically learns all of your scheduling habits, and it also invites attendees. After that, it schedules meetings, and these events are added to your calendar. When you want to create events, all you need is just a few clicks. The schedules generated manually or automatically, events, or meetings can also be added to your calendar. And it sends to those who have confirmed.

13. Bookafy

Bookafy virtually automates the appointment booking experience. One of the most famous booking system tablet app. And it creates a CTA with skill-based routing, sends confirmations and text reminders. Bookafy also generates and adds zoom, GoToMeeting, Skype links to the emails and calendar. These are downloaded automatically and sync client data with your own CRM and Personal Calendar. Bookafy is a robust product, which is simple to use with a beautiful user interface. Bookafy is a flexible program in the market, giving users and customers a beautiful booking experience.

14. Genee

Genee is a mobile and booking system tablet meeting scheduler’s dream, working with Gmail, iCloud, and Office 365.
All you need is CC the Genee email address on your email; you must indicate a requested time frame and all the event details like time and place of the meeting. Then Genee sends emails to all the attendees, and it suggests time options based on the availability and requirements.
When time is decided, Genee adds these events to your calendar, and it also sends a message with the confirmation details. Here you can schedule messages with Genee text message, Twitter, or its iPhone app. It is like enchanted magic.