If you are working on a video resume then you likely have a professional setup, a clever script, as well as a way to film and edit. You may feel like you are all set, but there is still one last important step and that is how you end your video resume. Famous film’s always have an ending that you can’t stop thinking about and the end to your video resume should be no different. In this article you will find tips to leave employers who watch your video resume interested and excited about your application!

1) End On A High Note

           If you have a specific skill or experience that you wish to emphasize in your video resume, save it for last! People often remember the last thing they have heard better than the first thing. This is why you can easily recall the endings of some of your favorite movies, but you may have trouble remembering how they started. 

           If you are not sure what high note you should end on I would recommend writing out a list of the main points you want to make to your possible future employer. Then consider how much value each point would bring to the company you are applying for and rank them from least important to most. This will help you identify what information you should end on for emphasis and it will help you organize a script to follow for the video.

2) Personality, Personality, Personality

           If a company is asking for a video resume alongside or in place of a paper resume then chances are that they want to get to know you as a person. Yes skills and experiences are very important to companies looking to hire you, but they are also looking for a personality that will fit in with their work space.

           Video resumes are rather short so for most of it you will be focused on highlighting your strengths, but when you end a video resume there is an extra opportunity to add your own personal touch in a professional way. Find whatever makes you unique and find a reasonable way to mix it into the ending. The way you smile or even your accent on certain words will make your video stand out from the crowd!

3) A Little Gratitude Goes A Long Way

If you have ever written a cover letter for a job then you have an idea of where this is going. That “Thank you for your time and consideration” or “I would be honored to be a part of the company” lets employers know that you are seriously interested in their company. Employers are looking for hard workers, but a good employee consists of a lot more than that.

           Consideration of peers, loyalty, kindness and other traits that are based more in personality than work experience are of high value even if they are not as commonly discussed as your history of education. Consider the personal values you could bring to the company and create your own way to express them with some gratitude as your resume video comes to a close. By thanking your employer in a way that is unique to the examples I gave earlier in this section you will be creating yet another opportunity to stand out. 

4) Don’t Just Fade To Black

           After highlighting your most important point, injecting some personality, and expressing a bit of gratitude you can take one more step to end your video resume on a strong note. Those last few seconds of your video resume can say a lot more than you think!

           If you are applying for any job in a tech or video related field consider adding an interesting transition or a short form of B-roll. If you can do this in a clean and professional way it will show off your skill set in a memorable way to employers. If you want to keep things simple you could even make the end of your video resume transition into your contact information, just to get your name out there one last time.

5) Follow Up!

           No, I am not suggesting you make another video. It is actually way easier to follow up on your video resume application than that! It is generally recommended to wait a week or two after you have sent in your application and video resume. This leaves just enough time for most companies to look over applications, but is still early enough that they have not made any final decisions. 

During this time frame sending a concise email that reiterates your interest in the position as well as your gratitude will help keep your application fresh in employers minds. If there was a specific phrase you signed off the resume video with you could even use it to sign off on this email to tie everything together!

 Keep in mind that some companies will request that you do not contact them after applying. If this is the case then it is best to follow their request.

To Sum It Up:

           Video resumes can be time intensive and difficult, but when they are done properly they can help you stand out where paper resumes can’t. It is still very important to voice your major strengths and in a video resume, you can mix them with your personality, so employers can get a more full image of who they are considering. Never forget to be grateful for an opportunity and use it to the fullest by filling the final seconds with useful or impactful information. I hope this information helps you customize the ending to your very own video resume masterpiece. Now go land that dream job!