Working in a drive-through is something that requires most of your efficiency and present mindedness. You are at the front end of the store or the restaurant, and you have a high pressure of not letting the organization standards fall. Being in the shoes of such a position can sometimes get hectic and too much to handle. There are some tips for working drive-through and being highly efficient in doing so.

You feel like if one thing goes wrong, everything will build up into a stressful quandary. But keeping your cool is the topmost thing that will help you lead through this scenario professionally. Some more tips to not get messed up in orders and the items the customers want are as below:

Repeat orders back to customers:

To be sure of the factor that all your customers are getting what they ordered, you must have to follow an additional step. Once you get their order, repeat it back to them before giving them the products and once when you are handing them the products of the order. Doing so will ensure that you never get the order wrong and never upset your clients no matter how busy the drive-thru gets. Keep your calm and keep making sure that you are getting your customers what they ordered for.

Take the time to get orders right:

Though speed and reduced time that is taken in completing the orders is a work ethic, many customers want to have, but getting a wrong order is the worst. Giving your customers low wait times, but delivering them completely what they didn’t order can take your professionalism down the drain. Don’t worry if you are taking a bit long time, but make sure you deliver each and everything perfectly as per order. When food is made perfectly the first time it will save you the time, food waste cuts down, and your customers always leave your premises with a smile on their faces!

Have properly stocked ingredients:

When you have everything properly stocked and organized, the drive-thru team and the order preparation team will not be rushing around to find the desired items. It will be easier for you to deliver the order quickly and perfectly. Your customers want what they want, and you can not make them settled up on something they didn’t order. A hot sauce replaced with plain ketchup isn’t acceptable anywhere, right? Put in the time to keep the ingredients properly organized and located where needed.

Follow company standards:

Make sure you, as a staff member, know how many napkins and the number of ketchup sachets are put as a standard in the company outlets internationally or across the nation. Never put any less or any more of them. This will define your company standards and your integration with other outlets of the chain. And also decide as per customer demand that how many more ketchup and tissue they need to fulfill their needs. You don’t want your customers to be throwing away your tissues and ketchup sachets just because you gave them too many or complaining about your work policy as you gave them too little.

Labels and signage :

Drive-thrus must have their labels and signage to help new customers find and arrive at the right place in the right direction. You don’t want a customer rushing into the exit area of your drive-thru and causing havoc for the rest of the customers. Hence you want to have a perfectly labeled drive-through area and must be able to guide the customers the right way to speed up your work delivery. 

Welcome with a smile:

You want your customers to be happy with your work and your services in the drive-through. And you want them to inquire about your presence when you are not there with your cheerful face, right? For this, you must start welcoming the customers with a happy smile that makes them feel welcomed and accepted in the drive-thru. Give them a happy experience so they may say “M Lovin’ It” when they leave the premises of the company.

The drive-through is the key area of your business operations, and you want it to be running efficiently and perfectly all times. You don’t have any room to have angry customers, and once they don’t feel serviced well, they won’t come back. Apart from that, you want your boss to be happy with your work. And hence you must pay for some extra attentiveness to win at this. Following these tips will take you up the road of your career as working in the drive-through.